Paul George MS



Paul George MS has been working with trauma for forty-six years, first in Crisis Intervention and Victim Assistance, then in a partial hospitalization program and in codependent clients on an addictions team in a mental health center. He completed Level 1 and Level II training in 1995. His master’s degree in psychology was concentrated on rehabilitation and helped him develop a more holistic view of treating his clients. The discovery of a truly effective way to facilitate healing from trauma after many years of experience of feeling powerless to help people fully resolve it changed everything about how he practiced. Many advanced trainings by talented teachers and twenty-five years of experience in EMDR therapy have inspired his curiosity made him passionate about the pursuit of strategies that improve outcomes for all clients but particularly with clients who have complex PTSD and/or significant levels of dissociative defenses. He has seen significant benefits to emphasizing the somatic elements of reprocessing of trauma by doing co-therapy with Nicci George, a Physical Therapist and Certified Body work/massage therapist. He also began monitoring clients’ physiological response with Heart Rate Variability technology. This co-therapy strategy worked so much better than we had hoped it would, emboldening us to do co-therapy work with many clients in the last three years. We find that co-therapy increases the strength of the therapeutic bond, requires less preparation work with complex PTSD, decreases client’s need for dissociative defenses and decreases the frequency and intensity of abreactions in Phase four of EMDR Therapy.