Nicci George MS



Nicci George MS has been a physical therapist for forty-two years. She began as a physical therapist at a large hospital in Indianapolis, became the supervisor for the rehabilitation program and then the program director for rehabilitation. As a program director she worked to improve quality programing at the hospital, shepherded the accreditation process with CARF and assisted other Indiana hospitals in developing and accrediting their rehabilitation programs. She then returned to her first passion, direct patient care. She began working more with chronic pain patients, most of whom had been traumatized by accidents, early childhood experiences or inadequate/dismissive medical care. Through this work she recognized that these patients needed much more than tradition physical therapy to heal. She began broadening her skillset to include Cranial Sacral Therapy, chakra-based energy therapies, Brain Gym, other neurological integration techniques and Ortho Bionomy. She integrated those strategies with all of her physical therapy skill sets. She began studying energetic techniques twenty-five years ago. She has been a certified body work/massage therapist for twenty years. Three years ago, at Paul George’s request, she began doing co-therapy with some of Paul George’s most distressed clients with complex PTSD.