Lana Gosenca MSW



Lana Gosenca MSW is an EMDRIA Certified therapist and EMDRIA Consultant in Training. She began practicing social work after graduating from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work in 2012. After working as an addiction counselor for 1.5 years, Lana realized that she was truly drawn to working with individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illness and complex trauma- populations often served in community mental health settings. This led her to the Mental Health Center of Denver [MHCD], where she has now been working for 5.5 years. At MHCD, Lana has been able to pursue her love of working with a broad range of mental health diagnoses. Eventually, Lana realized that a common experience shared by many clients served in the community mental health setting was a history of trauma, which often needed to be addressed and reprocessed before these individuals were able to reach their goals and achieve recovery.  This led Lana to seek further training in a modality that would allow her to best support her clients in reprocessing and recovering from trauma – EMDR. In February 2016, Lana completed EMDR basic training and began practicing EMDR with her caseload at MHCD, and it quickly became her clinical passion and orientation of choice. Lana feels EMDR has offered the opportunity to support and partner with her clients on their journeys through trauma recovery in a beautiful way. It has been especially inspiring for Lana to be part of the development of an EMDR program at MHCD and been inspired to witness the healing powers of EMDR being experienced by clients at MHCD who often had historically not been able to access this modality.