Kathy Shafer PhD



Kathryn Shafer PhD is known for her work for over 30 years as a psychotherapist at her private practice at Limitless Potentials, Inc. in Jupiter, Florida. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work at New York University in New York City, and her doctorate in Social Work from Barry University in Miami, Florida. As a licensed clinician she is a practitioner of mental imagery, is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR and a consultant in training), and other somatic therapies. As an educator, author, consultant, and yoga therapist, Dr. Shafer has given presentations as a key note and behavioral health workshops at over 40 conferences internationally. Her achievements as a certified addiction professional and mental health professional, Dr. Shafer was among a team of professionals that launched and created the first Chemical Dependency residential treatment center in New York City called Stuyvesant Square at Beth Israel Medical Center. She conducts interventions helping families obtain treatment for addicted family members.