Esly Regina Carvalho PhD



Esly Carvalho PhD is a Brazilian-American Trainer of Trainers for the EMDR Institute and EMDR Ibero-America (EMDR IBA). She has helped bring EMDR to Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and trained professionals in Portugal and Spain. A published author and speaker (in Spanish, Portuguese and English) as well as a Psychodrama Trainer, Esly has integrated her Psychodrama background into EMDR training and clinical practice. Presently residing in Brasilia, Brazil, she directs the Trauma Clinic as well as an EMDR training center where trainings are held in more than 15 cities of Brazil. In 2014, she established a publishing house specifically dedicated to publishing books on EMDR, trauma and related issues. As one of its co-founders, Esly was President of EMDR Ibero-America (2007-2010; 2010-2013). Recently, Esly accepted the post of Vice-President for International Relations for the Iberian-American Association for PsychoTrauma (AIBAPT). Esly is married and loves those grandchildren!