Elan Shapiro MA



Elan Shapiro MA, Psychologist,  received the 2016 David Servan Schreiber Award for his outstanding contribution to EMDR therapy, in the development of the Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP), with its variation of the Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP). EMDR Europe has recognized the vision and achievement of Elan Shapiro, who has helped draw attention to the neglected subject of Early EMDR Intervention and the need for developing and researching specialized EMDR protocols for therapeutic interventions in the wake of catastrophes such as natural and man-made disasters. This has resulted in significantly boosting research and innovation in the field over the last 10 years.  He has given over 100 presentations and seminars held worldwide. His work has contributed in the establishment of extending EMDR’s therapeutic potential in recent trauma to a borderless audience, as well as increasing the visibility of EMDR, by bringing the EMDR R-TEP and G-TEP worldwide, promoting EMDR’s global role. Elan Shapiro brings years of mental health care expertise in the treatment of recent trauma to his role and a strong passion for nurturing and training EMDR psychotherapists from all corners of the world. He became active in EMDR very early in his career in 1989, after attending Francine Shapiro’s first training, and later served as an EMDR Institute Facilitator. He was a Charter member of EMDRIA and founding member of EMDR Europe and of EMDR Israel. In 2003, he was elected Secretary of the EMDR Europe Executive Committee and Board, serving two terms until 2011. He has written and co-written over 20 articles on Early EMDR Intervention topics, including book sections and conference presentation and continues to write, teach and present on developments and refinements of the protocols in the treatment of recent trauma.