Elan Shapiro MA


Elan Shapiro, MA is a Psychologist in private practice with over 30 years of experience working in a community psychological service in upper Nazareth. Originally specialising in Adlerian psychology, he came to EMDR in 1989 after attending one of the first trainings Francine Shapiro ever gave. In 1994 he became an EMDR Institute Facilitator and was among the founding members of EMDR Europe. He is an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant and former Secretary of the EMDR Europe Association. Recipient of the Servan-Schreiber award, from the University of Lorraine, Metz, 2012 & also the Servan-Schreiber award for contribution to EMDR at the EMDR Europe Association Conference, The Hague, June 2016.