Dr. Frank Corrigan



Frank Corrigan, MD, FRCPsych, is an independent psychiatrist in private practice in Scotland who trained in EMDR in 1999. He is co-author of Neurobiology and treatment of traumatic dissociation (Lanius, UF, Paulsen, SP, Corrigan, FM, Springer, New York, 2014) and of The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM): novel approaches to the healing of complex trauma (Schwarz, L., Corrigan, FM., Hull, AM., Raju, R. Routledge, London, 2016). He has developed Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) as a therapeutic modality for the clinical sequelae of early attachment disruptions and for other post-traumatic presentations.

This presentation will focus on a hypothesised neuroscience of EMDR and DBR, the implications for the clinical practice of EMDR, and, primarily, on the clinical applications of DBR.