Darcey Cunningham MA



Darcey Cunningham MA is an outpatient therapist at the Mental Health Center of Denver. She received her master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University 5 years ago. Darcey works with adults of all ages from all backgrounds using a variety of techniques, however EMDR is her primary therapeutic modality for clients to process and move through acute and complex trauma. With a humanistic, trauma- and attachment-informed approach, Darcey has found that EMDR is a natural and effective tool for her clients to create and work towards positive goals, reduce or remove barriers, and alleviate symptoms. Darcey began EMDR training in 2017 and has since begun working with a small number of colleagues to develop an EMDR program at MHCD in an effort to expand access to a population that is often underserved due to a variety of barriers. It is her hope to facilitate her clients in finding a path to accessing their own inner wisdom and truth and integrating tools and knowledge in order to move towards wellness.