Damir Del Monte, PhD

Dr. phil. Dr. scient. med. Damir del Monte was born in Croatia. He studied psychology and medical science in Germany and Austria. His main research interests were in learning research, psychotraumatology, and neuroscientific depression and therapy research. In his seminars and lectures he tries to build bridges between the different medical-therapeutic disciplines. On the one hand, he teaches Functional Neuroanatomy, as well as Anatomy and Physiology of the whole Body. On the other hand, as a trained psychotherapist (among other methods also EMDR), pain therapist and sports therapist, he is also familiar with the practical levels of work and knows how to integrate all these levels in a productive way. With the “Encephalon Institute”, which he heads as director, he produces educational videos and realizes e-learning projects in the fields of neuroscience and medicine. An English language division is currently being produced. At a private academy in Berlin he directs the training course “Applied Neuroscience”. At the Universities of Ljubljana (Slovenija) and Krems (Austria) he lectures in neuroanatomy and the neurobiology of psychotherapy. At the Institute for Synergetics and Psychotherapy Research at Paracelsus Medical Private University he is currently doing research in the field of “Depression and Connectivity”.