Protocol for Adult and Younger Wounded Ego State Healing in EMDR Processing with Hypnosis

If an adult client has experienced childhood trauma, there is a good chance that he or she has a younger wounded ego state (YWES) that does not have access to adaptive information that would help emotional and cognitive healing. For many adult clients, he or she may not be aware that a (YWES) exists. To counter this problem, the adult client can learn to discover the (YWES) and differentiate it from the resilient and stronger adult executive ego state (AEES) that can offer protection, nurturance, and guidance for healing in preparation for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). The following presentation will provide strategies for using Resource Development Installation (RDI) with Bilateral Stimulation (BLS), Hypnosis, and ego state therapy to boost the resiliency of the AEES in order to provide protection, nurturance, and guidance to the YWES allowing for enhanced Phase 5 EMDR processing.

Learning objectives:
1. Participants will learn how to use Resource Development Installation with Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) with AEES, YWES, and between AEES and YWES.
2. Participants will learn how hypnosis can be used as a template for protection, nurturance, and guidance between a responsible adult and children.
3. Participants will learn how unity between AEES and YWES promotes for nonlocalized protection, nurturance, and guidance.
4. Participants will learn how strengthening protection, nurturance, and guidance between the AEES and the YWES can be used in Phase 5 EMDR

Percentage of EMDR Content: 50%