Play therapy-supported EMDR with children

Francine Shapiro called EMDR the therapy that “plays well with others” and the AIP model invites innovation and integration in our quest to make the benefits of EMDR available to clients of all ages and developmental levels, neurodiversity and background. This presentation aims to offer a rationale, basic framework and specific examples of using play therapy techniques to support EMDR therapy with children throughout the preparation and processing phases to make the benefits of EMDR therapy possible with children who may be avoidant or too young to grasp elements of the standard protocol. Participants will view video clips of child sessions and engage in a some hands-on practice of a playful approach to BLS/DAS.

Learning objectives:

1. Participants will describe a framework of how to integrate prescriptive play therapy within the AIP model with an emphasis on how play allows for the full body learning that is developmentally appropriate for younger children.
2. Participants will describe a play-based approach to installing resources and inviting children into processing.

Percentage of EMDR Content: 80%