Resonant Cognitive Interweaves: From the Gestalt Empty Chair to the Healing Power of Music & Lyrics

What do Francine Shapiro, Stevie Wonder, Fritz Perls, Ray Charles, Bill W. , Gloria Gaynor and George Harrison have in common? This half workshop seeks to answer this question and to explore the dynamic and creative power of cognitive interweaves as manifested via the Gestalt empty chair and thru the interpersonal resonance of music and lyrics. This workshop will also explore the power of spiritually oriented cognitive interweaves. Donald F. deGraffenried will provide a comprehensive review of the concept of the cognitive interweaves drawing from the Part II EMDR Therapy Manual and when it can be helpful to use one or more interweaves with your client. In addition, this workshop will explore resonance, biofields and how these transpersonal ways of experiencing the client work will shape and enable the discovery of uniquely individualized musical and spiritual cognitive interweaves. Participants will be encouraged to engage their personal creativity, in developing unique cognitive interweaves for current clients, as a practicum during the workshop. The gestalt empty chair will be used to demonstrate and bring to life the cognitive interweave. Selected lyrics and music will be played to demonstrate ways that deGraffenried helps clients make deeper and more resonant connections within the cognitive interweaves.

Learning objectives:

1. Learn and be able to state the three information plateaus of the cognitive interweaves.
2. Be able to define resonance and biofield and that how they can be implemented in their client work.
3. Be able to verbalize the latest updates in the Part II EMDR Therapy Manual, as it pertains to cognitive interweaves with complex trauma.
4. Observe the combined work of Francine Shapiro (cognitive interweave) and Fritz Perls (Gestalt empty chair) resulting in a powerful visual, enacted cognitive interweave.
5. Hear and participate in musical/lyrical cognitive interweaves, that have direct application to their practice. Participants will engage their own creativity to develop multiple empty chair or musical/lyrical and spiritual cognitive interweaves to use with clients in their current practice. This will take place during the practicum part of the workshop.

Percentage of EMDR Content: 80%