Brain, Trauma and Psychotherapy: A Neurobiological View on EMDR – Part 2

In very general terms, the seminar aims to present essential findings of brain research that are relevant for psychotherapy in general and EMDR in particular. Today we assume that the « neuronal system » and the « mental system » form an inseparable unit. According to this, a certain neuronal process exists for every mental process. Thus, neuroscience is able to provide the framework within which the science of psychotherapy can unfold in theory and practice. In this seminar, Dr. Damir del Monte, psychologist and neuroscientist, will give an overview of the state of neuroscientific research. The structure and function of the brain and in particular the limbic system as a decisive carrier of psychological phenomena will be presented. Brain development, self-awareness, and the neurobiological basis of emotion, motivation and personality are also discussed. Another focus is on the neurobiological consequences of stressful experiences and trauma, and finally, from a neurobiological perspective, the question of how psychotherapy, with special appreciation of EMDR, influences and supports change is discussed.