Candise Leininger MS

Candise Leininger is licensed in Wyoming and Colorado. She provides EMDR Therapy via telehealth to individuals interested in change. Her practice focuses on providing EMDR therapy to Military Members, Veterans, and military family members. She also specializes in serving neuro-divergent clients and those suffering from narcissistic trauma. Candise recently published the book titled Butterfly Killer, How to Identify & Manage a Narcissist. With tips for the EMDR Clinician on healing narcissistic trauma. She volunteers her time to facilitate a monthly networking meeting called PAW, Powerful Aspie Wyomingites. She also leads a quarterly EMDR Study Group for EMDR trained clinicians in Wyoming. She is an EMDR certified therapist, EMDRIA approved Consultant and an EMDR Trainer with EMDR Professional Training.