The Journey to Healing

We start from messy shady elements in our life.

You can make your own Rorschach projection to identify what bothers you.

We are all on the way to a more enlightened peaceful way of being.

The road is long and winding.

It moves like the EMDR process.

Some are closer to the Light and that’s OK.

Free as a bird…

Carl Jung said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”  So, the more self-aware we are, the more in control of our lives we will be. But awareness of our inner suffering does not necessarily free us from its emotional weight. How many times people have told us: “I have understood everything, I have analyzed everything, I know where it comes from, but I continue to suffer from it.” This is where EMDR therapy proves to be a powerful way to help a person “getting past the past” since this approach transforms the brain, especially the maladaptive neural networks that sustain pain. When this happens during an EMDR treatment, the person often feels relief, distanciation, detachment from the suffering of the past. In the best of cases, the person feels a deep release from the pain that has trapped him for so long. They see themselves with a new and positive perspective. Then the bird has left its cage. It has flown away to live its life to the fullest in freedom.

Hans van Bennekum

Vancouver 2019 POSTER

EMDR therapy has treated the meanders of the brain for three decades and we still do not know how exactly the wires are connected.  What we do know is that traumatic memories and dissociated emotional parts can be successfully treated by EMDR. With each client, the EMDR therapist is in the presence of a rich, colourful and complex system of infinite connexions and associations. EMDR therapists are artists who, with a warm human presence, sensitive intuition and in-depth knowledge, help clients to experience the unravelling and rewiring of traumatic memory stored in these brain filaments. And it does them a lot of good.Advanced training and conferences give us tools and multiple colours to enhance the art of EMDR.  We are proud to present the EMDR Canada 2019 annual Conference in the wonderful city of Vancouver!

Hans van Bennekum

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